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Quest Forward High School is an innovative private high school that's affordable for all.

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Students should be active in and excited about their learning. School is the journey that leads to their futures. Quest Forward High School challenges them, equipping them with the tools they will need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Combining rigorous academics with a solid framework of real-life, valuable skills, Quest Forward High School is demanding, exciting, engaging—anything but boring.









Quest Forward Academy has flexible pacing for students.

Flexible Pacing

Student-centered learning that adapts to individual abilities and interests

Quest Forward Academy is affordable for all.

Affordable for All

Scholarships available up to full tuition so everyone has the opportunity to learn

Quest Forward Academy offers unprecedented career and college guidance, well beyond graduation.

Guidance Beyond Graduation

Support through high school and beyond, helping to ensure future success

A teacher and student look at a laptop screen together at Quest Forward Academy Omaha.
Small and Mighty

Small class sizes, typically about 16 students, allow for active, project-based learning, personalization geared toward interests and goals, ample opportunities to accelerate, and the attention each student deserves from a mentor. The school is growing toward a target of 200 students, with 50 students per grade.

Part of a Global Network

Quest Forward High School Omaha is part of a global network of schools that offer Quest Forward Learning to their students. Built on a common vision for quality education and a shared course of study, each Quest Forward High School is committed to rigorous academics, active learning, and personal growth.

Quest Forward High School students are:
  • More prepared for the future
  • Hard workers committed to continual improvement
  • Ready for both opportunities and challenges
What People Are Saying

McKinley, an award-winning student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha


I try harder now. I know my mentors are there to support me, and that makes me not afraid to try new things, ask for help, and to push myself.

– McKinley, Student

Mentor Ed Vogel leads a Quest Forward Academy Omaha English class on Zoom.


If anything, the distance learning has reinforced my belief that Quest Forward High School is a gold standard of education.” 

– Joan C., Parent

Joey, a student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha, smiles as he talks about how unique and fun his school is.


“I love this school.”

– Joey V., Student
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