A high school students actually like.

Quest Forward Academy is an innovative private high school that's affordable for all.

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Quest Forward Academy has flexible pacing for students.

Flexible Pacing

Student-centered learning that adapts to individual abilities and interests

Quest Forward Academy is affordable for all.

Affordable for All

Scholarships available up to full tuition so everyone has the opportunity to learn

Quest Forward Academy offers unprecedented career and college guidance, well beyond graduation.

Guidance Beyond Graduation

Support through high school and beyond, helping to ensure future success

Our Graduates Are Well-Prepared for their Next Step

Quest Forward Academy Omaha and Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa Graduates, 2019–2021

They Choose Their Best-Fit Path

A pie chart, showing that about three-quarters of Quest Forward Academy students attend college, and other paths include trade school/community college, direct-to-career, and the armed forces.

They are Admitted to Competitive Colleges*

Most Quest Forward Academy graduates who attend college join colleges with selective admissions.

They Follow their Passion

A pie chart communicates that Quest Forward Academy graduates pursue a wide variety of industries after graduation.

 * Selectivity determined by publicly available data on college admissions, including median ACT/SAT scores.

A teacher and student look at a laptop screen together at Quest Forward Academy Omaha.

Students deserve a better high school.

Quest Forward Academy…

  • Does NOT  teach to the test
  • Does NOT  let students slip through the cracks
  • Does NOT  force all students into the same learning mold

Quest Forward Academy students are:

  • More prepared for the future
  • Hard workers committed to continual improvement
  • Ready for both opportunities and challenges
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What People Are Saying

McKinley, an award-winning student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha


I try harder now. I know my mentors are there to support me, and that makes me not afraid to try new things, ask for help, and to push myself.

– McKinley, Student

Mentor Ed Vogel leads a Quest Forward Academy Omaha English class on Zoom.


If anything, the distance learning has reinforced my belief that Quest Forward Academy is a gold standard of education.” 

– Joan C., Parent

Joey, a student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha, smiles as he talks about how unique and fun his school is.


“I love this school.”

– Joey V., Student
A diverse group of Quest Forward Academy Omaha students in the Bellevue University lab.

Affordable for All

Through Opportunity Education, families can receive scholarships up to full tuition!


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Upcoming Events

Columbus Day (No School)

October 9 2023

School will be closed Monday, October 9, 2023 in observance of Columbus Day. Classes will resume on Tuesday, October 10th.

Parent-Mentor Conferences (Currently Enrolled Families)

October 13 2023, 10am - 4pm

This will be a short meeting between parents/guardians and their student’s mentors to discuss their student’s academic performance and experience at school. These meetings will help parents understand what their student is learning at school, their academic and social-emotional progress, and what parents/guardians can do to support them.

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A Family’s Guide to Quest Forward Learning

Quest Forward Learning is the high school program that powers the work of Quest Forward Academies and schools. Learn more about it, download a glossary of terms, read answers to frequently asked questions about the Quest! web app, and more.


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