Nikky Holliday

Director of Registration


I’m originally from a small town in south-central Kansas (like, 12 people small). I moved to Omaha for college in 2009 and never left – currently live with a fat tuxedo cat named Pepsi who makes it his daily mission to destroy my apartment.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

I’m the Director of Registration for both Omaha and Santa Rosa Quest Forward Academy campuses. Some of my main responsibilities are account registrations for students & staff, maintaining student files, assisting in credit tracking and enrollment processes to make sure students have what they need to graduate, and setting up tuition agreements. If you have any questions regarding accounts, records, or your tuition agreement, I can be reached at

Before Quest Forward Academy

I come from a mental and behavioral health background. Straight out of college, I worked at a brain and spinal cord injury rehab facility which allowed me to discover a passion for working with individuals who are differently abled. I continue to work with some of the individuals I built relationships with (while working in rehab) outside of Quest Forward Academy hours and I love it.

Why I Chose to Work at Quest Forward Academy

I’m a lifelong learner and love being in an academic environment. It’s something I really missed after graduating college. I’ve applied for work at schools in the past but was always the runner-up for the position. I obviously had skills I needed to learn before I was ready for my position here at QFA. I wouldn’t trade my previous jobs and experiences for anything — they helped shape me into who I am today — BUT I’m super excited to finally be in a place that encourages learning, growth, and skill-building. The model here is so cool, and I’m honestly a bit jealous of the kids who get to learn this way. I think I would have really thrived. I may not be a mentor, but I really hope to be a positive presence at QFA and share my love of learning with the students I interact with on a daily basis.

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