Ryan Lee

Science Mentor


I am an avid outdoorsman and traveler who has lived in every US time zone (not including territories). Spending time in the wilderness is what sparked my love of science. I love mentoring because I love to share knowledge and to see my students’ growth.

Roles at Quest Forward Academy

This is my second year as a science mentor here at QFA Omaha. I am also the advisor for the Science Olympiad team and FBLA.

Before Quest Forward Academy

After graduating from Cornell University in 2016, I went to work as a writer and editor in the educational publishing industry. In this capacity, I helped to develop textbooks, digital assets, and assessments, primarily for science students. In 2018, I began my career as a teacher in the state of Wisconsin. I decided to come to QFA Omaha because the school embodies the forward thinking approach to education I value.

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