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Are you looking for a student-centered high school experience?

Quest Forward Academy is a small, innovative high school, focused on preparing students not just for success in school, but the opportunities and challenges that will come after it.

We combine rigorous academics with a solid framework of real-life, valuable skills. Classes are intentionally small, with teachers serving students as mentors, not lecturers. Mentors work one-on-one and in small groups with students, considering each student’s unique interests and goals.

The project-based curriculum is full of choices that students can make to own their learning. Our students are empowered to develop their unique path for their future, and they have the skills and support to ensure it’s successful.

Hear about Quest Forward Academy directly from students and parents:


Limited spaces are available in grades 9-12!

Email or call us at 402-403-1267 to learn about availability for enrollment and scholarships.

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Quest Forward Academy has flexible pacing for students.

Flexible Pacing

Student-centered learning that adapts to individual goals and interests

Quest Forward Academy is affordable for all.

Affordable for All

Scholarships available up to full tuition so everyone has the opportunity to learn

Quest Forward Academy offers unprecedented career and college guidance, well beyond graduation.

Guidance Beyond Graduation

Support through all four years of high school and beyond to help ensure future success


“I like Quest Forward Academy because you can be more involved in deciding what you want to learn about.”

– Natalia, Student

“The teachers learn how you learn.” Hear two students speak candidly about their experiences at Quest Forward Academy Omaha, pandemic and all.

Unprecedented Commitment to Students’ Future Success

Each Quest Forward Academy student joins the Pathways Program, through which they receive a full four years of career and college counseling, professionalism and personal finance coaching, ACT/SAT preparation, and more. Each student also gains valuable work experience in real-world internships.

But that’s just the beginning. When students graduate from Quest Forward Academy, they join the Pathways Network and receive additional coaching, resources, events, and personalized support.

Learn more. Send us an email at or call 402-403-1267.

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