Internships and Service Learning

Internship Coordinator

Teresa Thomas

Our students gain real-world experience, practice work skills they’ve learned in school, and add value to our community.

We Help Students find their Best Path to Success

Internships and service learning at Quest Forward Academy are unique opportunities for high school students. These activities and opportunities are part of the Pathways Program, an innovative program that activates, nurtures, and supports students throughout high school and years beyond, to help ensure their success in the path of their choice. After exploring their interests, strengths, and career aspirations, along with their regular skill practice at school, students are well-positioned and prepared for an engaged and productive service or work experience.


  • Learn from professionals in an industry or role that is important to them
  • Build a local professional network
  • Gain valuable real-world work experiences
  • Refine their career goals and build a foundation for long-term career success
  • Gain confidence and feel accomplished about their contributions

Host Organizations

  • Receive valuable help with special or short-term projects
  • Develop a skilled talent pipeline
  • Make a difference to students in their communities
  • Feel good about helping a student grow, learn, and transform
A student smiles while looking up at an internship colleague on a film set, with a green screen and lighting behind them.

Nominate an Organization

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“I would like to commend Quest Forward Academy… for introducing me to 4 of the most well prepared and knowledgeable students whom I have ever had the professional pleasure of meeting!”

– 2020 Intern Host, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa


Q: How much service learning does Quest Forward Academy require students to complete?

A: All Quest Forward Academy students are required to participate in 10 hours of service learning for Foundation Phase (9th grade) and Exploration Phase Part 1 (10th grade) students.


Q: How many internship hours does Quest Forward Academy require students to complete?

A: All Quest Forward Academy students are required to participate in 25 to 50 hours of internship activity for Exploration Phase Part 2 (11th grade) and Transition Phase (12th grade) students.


Q: How do parents stay informed about their child’s activities?

A: The Quest Forward Academy Internship Coordinator, Teresa Thomas, will be the primary point of contact between interns, their parents/guardians, and the internship host. She will establish regular communications from the start, so everyone is well-informed and everyone’s needs are met.


Q: Who provides transportation?

A: Depending upon COVID circumstances at the time, transportation will be considered on a case-by-case basis in advance of service-learning opportunities and will be communicated to parents beforehand.

For internships, parents/guardians will be responsible for providing transportation to and from the internship site, and they may allow their child to drive themselves to the internship if they wish. If you’d like someone else to drive the student to the internship, the driver must complete a brief form and must be properly insured. No student may drive another student to an internship. 


Q: What forms will we need to complete?

A: For internships, parents/guardians will need to complete the Internship Agreement, Parent/Guardian Form, and the Transportation Form (if applicable). 

Additional questions?

Feel free to reach out to Teresa Thomas, Internship Coordinator, at 402-403-1267 or email We look forward to hearing from you!