Summer Explorations with Quest Forward Academy Omaha

Expand your horizons and sharpen those real-world skills.

7th, 8th, and 9th graders across the Omaha Metro area will try on hats as film-makers, coders, archeologists, detectives, and more when they participate in week-long, hands-on courses this June hosted by Quest Forward Academy.

Make the most of the summer with your choice of exciting, thought-provoking, skill-centric sessions designed to help prepare your middle-schoolers for their next steps.

They’ll see a forward-thinking high school in action and get to know mentors (teachers) in a fun, welcoming environment.

Class sizes were limited to ensure a high-quality experience for all, and they filled up quickly. Registration for this season is closed. Thank you so much for your interest!

Questions about your registration or your course? Call us at 402-403-1267 or email

The Details
  • June 13–16, June 20–23, and June 27–30, 2022

  • Monday–Thursday, 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

  • Registration closes May 13, 2022
  • $100 fee per student per course, due June 1

  • Financial assistance is available for those who need it

  • Hosted by Quest Forward Academy Omaha, the forward-thinking high school

  • Courses will be held in-person at the Lozier Professional Center at Bellevue University: 2810 N 118th Street, Omaha, NE 68164

6 Exciting Courses!

Your choice of one course per week:
June 13 | June 20 | June 27

A campfire glows orange in a wooded setting.

Outdoor Education

June 13-16, 2022

Students will spend time outdoors learning how to set up tents, start fires, cook food, and more. This course will be primarily outdoors and require physical exertion such as hiking and light building. Students will also learn how to identify different plants, how to bait/lure a fishing line, and more. This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to solve problems in nature!

A stone pillar carved with Egyptian art against a blue sky represents the Geology and Archaeology course for Summer Explorations.

Geology & Archaeology

June 13-16, 2022

Students will learn how to identify different minerals and learn the practices and principles of introductory archaeology. We will visit the University of Nebraska Omaha’s archaeology department to learn about opportunities to join archaeological dig sites in Northern Africa post-high school. Students will learn about the history of our world and the material preservation of our world’s past.

Pow! Graphic Novel Summer Explorations Course at Quest Forward Academy

Graphic Novels

June 20-23, 2022

Students will explore different styles of fiction, manga, comic books, and other short forms of writing. They will learn how to write their own short pieces of fiction, and write short stories, create illustrations of scenes and characters from their stories, or turn their short stories into full graphic novels. Their finished work will be printed and sent home at the end of the session!

A colorful photo of a circuit board with wheels and batteries represents the coding course for Summer Explorations at Quest Forward Academy Omaha.


June 20-23, 2022 

Get ready to plug in and power up! This course will immerse students in the basics of electronics and computer programming. Students will engage in problem solving to create circuits. They will also learn concepts like voltage and resistance as well as manipulate lights, sounds, and motors using digital and analog controls. They will combine these skills to program and build simple robots!

A clapboard on a bright yellow background represents the Film Making Summer Explorations course at Quest Forward Academy

Film Making

June 27-30, 2022

Lights, camera, action! In this course, students will learn the ins and outs of storyboarding, script writing, and filmmaking. They will learn how effects, acting, and other pieces of filmmaking tell visual stories. While exploring the different roles in film production, students will write screenplays, act, and record a short film. Students will also learn about post-production efforts and even enjoy a screening of their film!

A dramatic image of a fingerprint represents the Summer Explorations course about solving mysteries.

Crime Scene Forensics and Psychology

June 20-23, 2022
June 27-30, 2022

This course combines the scientific analysis of crime scenes with the psychological study of criminology. Students will learn the basic concepts of Forensic Science by studying the chain of evidence, fingerprinting, DNA study, and more. Students will also study the psychological aspects that go into forensic exploration: interviewing witnesses, researching suspects, and more.


Registration for Summer Explorations for 2022 is closed! We were humbled by the response this year, and look forward to some incredible learning experiences with your students next summer!

If you have questions about Summer Explorations, please don’t hesitate to contact or give us a call at 402-403-1267.

About Quest Forward Academy

The Forward-Thinking High School

Quest Forward Academy Omaha is an independent high school on the campus of Bellevue University. Students enjoy the learning experience here, because:

  • Students are empowered to drive their learning through an innovative, project-based curriculum.
  • Teachers act as mentors, and students receive the attention they need and deserve to thrive.
  • While mastering academic content, students also develop the mindset, habits, and skills they need to succeed in life.
  • Through our Pathways Program, our students identify their strengths, explore career interests through service learning and internships, and then receive coaching support for further education and into their first career.

Quest Forward Academy was established by Opportunity Education, a non-profit foundation focused on transforming secondary education worldwide.  

Learn more about Quest Forward Academy. Call 402-403-1267 or email

Upcoming Events

Open House

March 9 2023, 5pm - 7pm

Get to know the forward-thinking high school, our welcoming community, and our unique approach to learning and find out if it’s the perfect place for your student to thrive!


Open House

May 18 2023, 5pm - 7pm

Get to know the forward-thinking high school, our welcoming community, and our unique approach to learning and find out if it’s the perfect place for your student to thrive!



May 20 2023, 12pm - 4pm

Save the date! We can’t wait to celebrate our class of 2023 as they enter their next chapter of their lives, and share gratitude to the staff and mentors who helped prepare them with skills, knowledge, and confidence.